Literally translates from aztec as "Testicle", making Guacamole, "Testicle Sauce"
Kevin: Want an avocado?
Joey: Nah i'll have a testicle
Kevin: What the fuck is wrong with you, Joey?
by KoriTheGlaceon January 11, 2021
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A fruit, commonly eaten by Millenials
Millenial: I have no money, no house, no car, but a lifetime supply of avocadoes
by TheExtremeEvoker August 26, 2018
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A gentleman. Knows how to treat a lady. Low key is a mess and can be stubborn and arrogant at times.
This man is such an avocado. He’s so sweet.
by Tyranasoreus June 2, 2018
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Used to describe a person, particularly a man, who is socially construed as straight by those around him/her, but in actuality is gay. Someone who goes undected on the gaydar spectrum. Thick, deceptive skin on outside, but a fruit on the inside. Based on the avocado being widely misnomered as a vegetable, when it is indeed a fruit.
Amber: I had no idea that Jerry was gay! He seems hetero!

Omar: Yeah. Everyone thinks that. He's an avocado.
by Omar via AJ August 9, 2008
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When you have porn on your desktop you want to hide.
Where is that gangbang video I was going to show Greg? Look in the file marked Avocado!!
by Submissive princess December 23, 2017
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A person who is weird but amazing crazy but beautiful but most important different but in a good way
I wish i was a avocado
by Lieutenant AVOCADO 🥑 August 11, 2017
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when a vegetarian gives up on plants and goes back to eating meat
or when someone tries to lay off of healthy food

(its like going commando with vegetables
instead of underwear.)
Jose-hey bob you hear what happened to john?
bob-yeah i hear hes going avocado
by Alejandro Cruz July 11, 2008
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