A misspelling of Millennial, usually referring to the Millennial generation (early 1980s to mid-to-late 1990s).
Facebook commentator: "I sure hate all these entitled, lazy millenials! Back in my day..."
Millennial: "Two n's. Millennial has two n's, gramps."
by Spam4Dan November 10, 2018
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A Millenial is someone who's only been torturing people for a thousand years

- Michael from The Good Place
Michael: These Millenials, they have no work ethic...
by babytalks January 1, 2019
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A word that became stereotyped by people of the older generation. sometimes use to downgrade their lower peers.

*not all millenials are snowflakes
*not all millenials eat healthy whole foods and avocados (which isn't a bad thing if they do)
*not all millenials didn't get spankings and are spoiled
*not all millenials are narcissistic..there are many of other generations who are.
*Not all millenials are dumb (and a grade doesn't define your IQ..just how much you can memorize within a certain period of time ..usually from Monday to Friday test day.)
Millenial was originally just a name for an age group..not a stereotype.
Grumpy older man who thinks he knows everything "You darn millenials are spoiled and entitled, even the kids I raised."
by Cliché. Hipster April 6, 2019
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A single person belonging to an entire generation of human morons (i.e., noobs) responsible for developing flashing green lights that indicate a left turn can be made rather than the old tried-and-true green arrow, as if it is an improvement.
Jane: "Did you see that new, super annoying flashing green light in town?"
Ry: "Heck yes, I did! I saw some old guy get rear-ended there last week because he didn't know he could make a left turn."
Jane: "Yeah, I thought the green arrow was pretty straightforward. The change must have been the work of some stupid millenial."
Ry: "Agreed."
by Alpha grouse February 24, 2018
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In vast quantities
There was a millenious amount of snow today.
by The Officer's Club January 28, 2009
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Otherwise known as Generation Y, or the internet generation (iGen), Millenials are people born between the years of 1980 and 1995. Millenials are often "echo boomers" (their parents were part of the baby boom), and they are often extremely tech-savvy.
Bob is born in 1990 and carries his iPod around everywhere he goes. He can fix your computer in a heartbeat and texts his friends all the time. Bob's generation are known as the millenials.
by KylieBronte November 12, 2007
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The gross generation that invented fidget spinners,dabbing,twerking and other cringey stuff
"Those fucking millenials are dabbing in front of me"
by yellowpork6969 November 23, 2017
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