A marketing initiative on social media to encourage people to follow other users. It is not a bad thing since it can increase your follower count and if you're on Instagram, but on Twitter, these are sent out as a form of inconvenience since it allows every tagged person to blast the others tagged with every reply, like, and retweet the tweet gets. This is especially true if the user doesn't know any of the other users tagged and can be a nuisance if the number of users tagged is large.
Chris: Dude, Angie needs to stop adding me to these Follow Fridays on Twitter. I don't even know who half these users are and I always have to deal with the bullcrap of them blowing up my timeline and notification inbox with GIFs.
Kyle: I know man, they're annoying. Remember the time she tagged both of us in the same Follow Friday? At least you can say "bye" and mute the conversation before anyone starts talking dirty or whatever.
Sydney: She tagged me this morning. I blocked her so that I don't have to deal with this again.
by The Real Driller June 14, 2021
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A weekly event hosted at the social networking site Twitter. It's where you can recommend your followers to follow more people.
An example of a Follow Friday tweet...

Heya guys! Considering Follow Friday... @eddsworld @thetomska @cinemassacre
by MisaTange July 8, 2009
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A term used on the social network, Twitter.
It is a group thing where everyone suggests other Twitter users to follow, each Friday
"Today is Follow Friday! I'm going to tell everyone to follow my best friends!"

Example of what a Follow Friday tweet looks like:
katyperry: It's Follow Friday! Here are some of my awesome friends @britneyspears, @nathan_william, @boburnham,
by I twitted a tweet May 23, 2009
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