An alternative video website to YouTube. Mostly used by bloggers to post new videos on their blog. Mostly just music videos.

People may use it more when they are tired of all the Google Ads that flood YouTube.
Person1: Have you heard of Vimeo?
Person2: Nah...
Person1: o.O
a shitty version of youtube that nobody cares about because it a terrible website. think of tumblr but as youtube.
guy: have you seen whats on vimeo
guy2: tf u talkin about
by Btari February 27, 2018
It means that you are going to go over to your partners house and feel eachother up with Vimeo in the background.
"I wanted to Netflix and chill so bad but we only Vimeo and relaxed"
"At least you got any."
by Xxmalikxx October 19, 2015