Used by many as a kinder alternative to bullshit. Also used by the younger crowd so they wont get their filthy mouths washed out with soap by their parents.

Something that you will inevitably step in when you are walking around a fair.
Aww c'mon mom, why does Timmy get some cake and I don't? This is bullcrap!

Hey man, you just stepped in some bullcrap!
Dammit, these are my new Jordans!
by Dude Grease November 20, 2006
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Saying random things; talking about nothing. see blabism.
Person 1: Soooo
Person 2: Dr. pepper
Person 1: what?
Person 2: Paper airplanes are awesome
Person 1: ???

Person 2 is bullcrapping
by c-unitt July 21, 2009
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When Kentaro beats Beef Boss in wii party even though he gets last place in almost all minigames
by Internetsavior November 11, 2019
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mickey mouse bullcrap a less offensive term for mickey mouse bullshit something that is irritating or slightly annoying
my ex started an argument with me i told her i dont have time for this mickey mouse bullcrap
by bluebear September 9, 2022
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Phrase used to describe something, someone, or situation that's crazy, stupid, unsatisfactory, or unacceptable. The term is believed to have branched from the infamous term, "dat's-da-bullshit", and was created in order to accommodate rated PG speakers by a brilliant young lady from Jacksonville, NC.
Me: "Oh man! did you see how fast that huge zipper spider up in that corner moved? Dat's-da-bullshit!"
R.S.: "Yea!, dat's-da-bullcrap!"
by yejoon September 23, 2009
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