The word sound showing approvement and acknowlegdement and pound to show whatever you are refering to. Therefore showing approvement towards something. Originally from the days when the pound coin was introduced was said around London as there was a good exchange rate.
"The party was sound as a pound". Showing good humoured feelings towards it.
by RockNRollStar May 24, 2006
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Welsh valleys slang, believed to either have originated from, or given rise to, the 'can of lager/alcopop for £1 until 7pm' promotion that Merthyr's former premier nitespot The Zone used to run. Now means much the same as sound and safe in the complimentary 'cool' sense, expressing one's admiration for another individual/thing.
'That guy's sound as a pound, mun'
by The Moai April 19, 2005
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