A bird who looks posh but is easily convinced to take it up any hole over a car bonnet in the nearest carpark.
That bird is a blatant carpark. Oooooooooh carpark.
by Benjo P January 15, 2008
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(v) to leave a friend/business partner in the lurch at the worst possible moment, while simultaneously rendering yourself uncontactable for an extended period.
"Just make sure you have a backup plan in case you get carparked."

"He eventually lost confidence in the venture, having been carparked by his partner so many times."
by Bruno September 20, 2004
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a term first coined by certain unscrupulous Telkom call center operators, meaning to put a caller on hold indefinitely, but then, just before the caller gives up, they give you a reference number and ask you to call back in 48 (working) hours.
operator 01: look, it's that guy calling about his line activation again!
operator 02: you better fire up the reference number generator and carpark that foo!
by alan September 21, 2004
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The role needed to be adopted when trying to find a car parking spot in a shopping centre. Being a carpark creep involves adopting a motivated attitude immediately after entering the carpark. The carpark creep identifies a pedestrian and follows the pedestrian to their car, almost catching the back of their shoes from driving so close to them. Best done in a Prius as they are very quiet cars. The carpark creep has no shame.
Mum: "I don't have time to waste looking for a car parking spot so I have no choice to be a carpark creep."
Kid: "But Mum.... This is soooooo embarrassing!"
Mum: Tough luck kid, you ain't driving the car so you need to deal with it.
by urbandictionarykate August 16, 2012
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a phrase often used when 2 blokes are wishing to settle an argument , in some sort of carpark. Usually refering to a physical fight , but if ever said by the carpark king himself it will generaly refer to a servere bashing,stomping, smashing, bloke getting his ass laid out, hospitalized bitch,ashphalt face or dead bloke in a carpark. to whoever the words were intended for.
2 blokes on a footy feild , carpark king decides his keen ,
says to bloke on oposing team , "see ya in the carpark"
kid relises who his fucking with , and decides he dosn't want ashpalt for dinner , kid pussies off , carpark king is slightly confused.........then remembers how tuff he actualy is.
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Words (often used in Australia) used to affirm (or sometimes indicate) intentions of concluding an argument outside, usually with fists. Since alcohol-fueled arguments generally take place in crowded hotels, many fights are taken outside to the hotel's parking lot to minimise harm to bystanders and reduce the number of potential witnesses.

Often synonymous with the american phrase "let's take this outside" in relation to fighting words.

Also the name of a segment on the show "Blokesworld" relating to self-defence in the event of a fight.
Person 1: You've been pissin me off all night - you wanna step outside?
Person 2: I'm up for it bitch - you me carpark now!
by gibbo67 May 18, 2006
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