A land full of green
But not that type of green
I mean weed
Travel a mile to the Gurnos
to see chavs

who spit and piss on slides

travel further

Galon Uchaf

with a football field that has no goalposts

Then you see Dowlais a cold and snowy land

inhabited by Jack Kahl

Next is pant which is alright

no one really cares for it cause its shite

After that is Penydarren
Old people and the Londis
and the bald man called Aaron

You the town where the smackheads live

asking for money that you should never give

Then there's Heolgerrig the poshest of the lot
everyone hates them cause they brag a lot
After that is Swansea road live there

and everyone knows you've been on drugs
since you were 4

Lastly, we have Cefn and Trefechen

boring and full of specials

The land of green

the taff trail
and Drugs

The land of green

The land of weed
oh you live in Merthyr


can I have some drugs then
by Chimp6942 March 10, 2021
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A plastic carrier bag, usually from Kwik Save, which can be found blowing around the valleys of South Wales on a windy day.
Dai, is that a Merthyr Tumbleweed blowing around the pub car park?
by Lingoooo October 11, 2007
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A legal defence to accusations of theft, popular in the somewhat down-at-heel South Wales Valleys town.
The defence consists of 'It wasn't nailed down, your honour.'
'I drank one of Rob's bottles of wine. I intend to use the Merthyr defence - wasn't nailed down, was it?
by The Moai April 11, 2005
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A town found in the South of Wales. It has a population of about 30,000 and was once the largest town in country.
Enough of that boring stuff, it's home to the most beautiful accent and the people there are really nice. Also some of the front men from the best bands (in my opinion) hail from this town
Examples of people from Merthyr Tydfil:
Sean Smith - The Blackout
Gavin Butler - The Blackout
Ian Watkins - Lostprophets
by Jesus the second. X. August 16, 2011
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