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It's a fun game just to watch and play, and losers with no friends tend to overanalyze the game by citing obscure statistics, like ops.
Fan 1: So who's gonna win today? The White Sox or the Yankees?
Fan 2: The Yankees seem superior on paper, but White Sox sluggers have a .97% greater chance of stealing bases against right-handed starting pitchers on Tuesday day games...
by ThatsBriskBaby April 6, 2005
Why pay 160 grand when you can go to public school for much cheaper then have money for grad school?
by ThatsBriskBaby June 6, 2005
Baseball statistic meaning On base percentage Plus Slugging percentage. Those who can't play baseball watch baseball with their buddies. Those who can't watch baseball with their buddies watch it alone. Those who are so devoid of lives that they can't watch it alone create meaningsless baseball statistics.
Juan Pierre has a low OPS, but he's still a good player. Suck on that!
Also, see moneyball.
by ThatsBriskBaby April 6, 2005
This person is an elitist who cares only about how prestigious their jobs and/or college degrees are. They consider people who attend top notch schools that aren't quite "elite" - such as Rice, Northwestern, and Duke - to be pretty dumb. If anyone isn't a doctor, lawyer, investment banker, or prominent politician, then a prestige whore is simply too "elite" to talk to this TTT.
After the prestige whore retook his 1480 SAT in hopes of getting into Harvard, he jumped off of a cliff after learning that his score declined.
by ThatsBriskBaby October 24, 2004
Magazine that reports the news; it makes a yearly ranking of all of the universities in America. Before that pure evil ranking system came out, no school was really considered a ttt. Now, there are the ivies, MIT, Stanford, CalTech, a few liberal arts colleges...and a bunch of pieces of dung.
Destroy this evil organization at once!
by ThatsBriskBaby April 6, 2005
This can describe anything in any positive way, really. It just sounds really dumb, and if you use it in any context, everyone who hears you will assume that you're an emotionally handicapped chimpanzee.
That bagel is xtreme!
That lightbulb is xtreme!
That pair of shoes is xtreme!
by ThatsBriskBaby June 6, 2005
dis mon haz hiz ve'ey own show on da telly. itz a complete riot, and even a billion, million, squillion times funnier if ya watch it while on weed.
ali g! ali g! ali g!
by ThatsBriskBaby April 6, 2005