The Chicago White Sox are a Major League Baseball team based in Chicago, Illinois.The White Sox play in the American League's Central Division. Since 1991, the White Sox have played in U.S. Cellular Field, which was originally called New Comiskey Park and nicknamed The Cell by local fans. The White Sox are one of two major league clubs based in Chicago, the other being the Chicago Cubs of the National League. The White Sox last won the World Series in 2005 when they played the Houston Astros and swept them in four games.The White Sox were a strong team during their first two decades, winning the 1906 World Series with a defense-oriented team dubbed "the Hitless Wonders", and the 1917 World Series led by Eddie Cicotte, Eddie Collins, and Shoeless Joe Jackson. ."
Hey lets go to the white sox game!
by hockeyfan147 June 20, 2011
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A major league baseball team that is from the ghetto. There fans thrive off the jealousy of getting stomped around by the twins every year.
Those twins swept us White Sox again, now they are going to the world series.

Pierzynski wasn't such a douche bag when he played for the twins, now that he plays for the white sox, at least his hair looks "better."
by ThatoneGuy11 August 30, 2008
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a team that is desperatly chased by people who have nothing better to do with thier time.

they lost thier very first home opener in comiskey to st. luis as they were shut out, poor guys embarrased a brand new field,

then the park closes again for some reconstruction and upon its grand re-opening the sox blew it again against cleveland

then in the very first morning game ever in comisky, they lose to texas, poor fans cant they celabrate one milstone for the park at least?

well not really the new comisky park opens and on the very first game played there they lose to the tigers, 16-0

they won the world seris for the 2005 season, lets celebrate!!!! since the last time they won it was in 1917
yep that was an 88 year wait.

wait did i forget the 1918 world series? oh yeah the one where eight of them sold out, well there ya go continuing with the history of selling out they also change thier stadium name to honor the great u.s. celluler company, wow what pride.

so far they have only made 4 world series appearances, in 1906, 1917, 1918, and 2005. if history repeats itself, we may have to wait another 88 years for them to win, seeing that they didnt make it to the playoffs in 2006, (the same way they did in 1917-1918) wich they also started off the season in first place all the way until it really mattered, past the all-star game, when they fell to the tigers, and eventually out of the wild card race.

i dont know about you, but with a record like that i really wouldn't brag about it.
chicago white soxs love to sell out
( p.s i am a real chicago sport fan not some out of towner who doesnt even care about the lame brewers)
by geoarr December 11, 2006
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A American League team notorious for the worst fan base in all of the MLB. There are two types of sox fans, Sox Fans that like the Sox, and Sox fans that Hate the Cubs. The latter is dominant by about 90%. Sox fans can be identified by their lack of baseball knowledge, immaturity, and personality and looks of someone that was beaten as a child. A trailer for their home also helps. Arrogance is in their blood and they are not known to win any baseball related arguments, or at least bring up valid points.
"I'm a major league baseball fan, so I like the White Sox."

"The White Sox are better because they won the World Series last year."
by The Facts May 10, 2006
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Lesser of the two Chicago baseball teams. They never sell out, they're a terrible team, they have terrible fans.
The Cubs hammered the Sox in the Crosstown series.
by Shawn January 16, 2005
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News Flash: The Cubs and White Sox are not in the same league, so it is actually okay to cheer for both of them and hope they both do well. They're both great baseball teams and people who bitch about how one sucks and the other is awesome look like morons.

Instead let's talk about how much the Yanks and the Cards suck ass, because they do.
The White Sox are an old and excellent baseball team, and if the zealots would just cool it a bit the sane sports fans of Chicago would greatly appreciate. Thanks.
by C++ June 3, 2006
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Chicago's American League and south side MLB team (as opposed to the Cubs, who play on the North Side). Often regarded as the "second team of the second city" in spite of:

*More world series titles (three to the Cubs' two) as well as the advantage of actually having won a title in the last 100 (or rather 105) years.

*A statistically better record over the last 25 years (i.e. more winning seasons than losing)

*A newer, nicer stadium that helps provide a happy, fun, comfortable ballgame experience (Wrigley may have more history and outer beauty, but it's a different story inside the ballpark)

*Fans who, though not above taunting and harassing, will actually respect players and fans of the opposing team (unlike Cubs fans, who enjoy turning aggressive on innocent fans and players when things don't go their way)
When the White Sox lose, they admit it was the result of bad playing by their team or much better playing by the other, and look to build a better team from that point regardless.

When the Cubs lose, they blame some ridiculous "curse" or even one of their own fans and let yet another defeat become more and more part of the team's history and daily life
by GaaraoftheDamned January 20, 2014
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