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The SAT II, or SAT 2, or SAT Subject Tests, are like the SAT except they claim to test specific knowledge, like Spanish or more complex math. More and more bullshit to waste your money and make sure you don't get into a good college.
SAT: Literature
SAT: World History
SAT: French with Listening
by ThatsBriskBaby April 06, 2005

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This person is an elitist who cares only about how prestigious their jobs and/or college degrees are. They consider people who attend top notch schools that aren't quite "elite" - such as Rice, Northwestern, and Duke - to be pretty dumb. If anyone isn't a doctor, lawyer, investment banker, or prominent politician, then a prestige whore is simply too "elite" to talk to this TTT.
After the prestige whore retook his 1480 SAT in hopes of getting into Harvard, he jumped off of a cliff after learning that his score declined.
by ThatsBriskBaby October 24, 2004

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Magazine that reports the news; it makes a yearly ranking of all of the universities in America. Before that pure evil ranking system came out, no school was really considered a ttt. Now, there are the ivies, MIT, Stanford, CalTech, a few liberal arts colleges...and a bunch of pieces of dung.
Destroy this evil organization at once!
by ThatsBriskBaby April 05, 2005

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A more selective, cheaper, smaller, more intellectually stimulating subunit of an otherwise less selective university. Most public universities have one of these, and most of them are pretty difficult to get into; 1300+ sat, top of high school class, etc.
Penn State: ttt. Schreyer (Penn State Honors): 1337.
by ThatsBriskBaby April 06, 2005

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This can mean a lot of things, but most importantly, it's the first seat in a rowing boat.
Bow seat, take two!
Bow seat, weigh 'nuff!
by ThatsBriskBaby December 19, 2005

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Baseball statistic meaning On base percentage Plus Slugging percentage. Those who can't play baseball watch baseball with their buddies. Those who can't watch baseball with their buddies watch it alone. Those who are so devoid of lives that they can't watch it alone create meaningsless baseball statistics.
Juan Pierre has a low OPS, but he's still a good player. Suck on that!
Also, see moneyball.
by ThatsBriskBaby April 06, 2005

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Quarterback for the New England Patriots, he's a decent player. Like the rest of the team, he puts up pretty good numbers but nothing fantastic. He is not one of the best QB's in football; he just happens to QB the best team in football.
Peyton Manning > Tom Brady
Donovan McNabb > Tom Brady
Daunte Culpepper > Tom Brady
Brett Favre > Tom Brady
Trent Green > Tom Brady
Michael Vick > Tom Brady
Ben Roethlisberger > Tom Brady
Byron Leftwich > Tom Brady
by ThatsBriskBaby September 02, 2005

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