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Like all forms of TV (except legitimate sports), reality TV is scripted. Oh, the dialogue may be improvised but the situations are scripted... CBS knows who's gonna win "Survivor" before they even film it!

The first season of "The Real World" (back in 1992) may not have been scripted... but every single so-called reality TV show since then was! You think Viacom or News Corp or Disney or General Electric is gonna finance a show if it ain't a sure thing?
I think we should combine a few reality TV shows. Let's broadcast the true story of 16 sorority girls (ages 18 to 23) picked to live on a tropical island who are competing for the affections of a wealthy, handsome bachelor...

by Terra Imperator May 21, 2004
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I live in Pennsylvania. I lived here all my life. For the life of me, I can't figure out what PennDOT does! I see the road crews out all the time, but they don't fix anything... all they do is lean on their shovels and shoot the shit!
"What do you do for PennDOT?"

"On May 1 I take the big orange barrels out of sotrage & line 'em up on the roads. On November 1 I collect the big orange barrels and put 'em back in storage. Other than that, I collect my paycheck every week!"
by Terra Imperator May 20, 2004
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A fat, ugly white woman who lives in a trailer with her drunk-ass boyfriend and 4 to 12 children. The boyfriend didn't father any of this she beast's kids, although he beats them on a regular basis. A trailer park skank can't read and is prone to violence.
"Officer! I want you to arrest my goo-for-nuthin white trash boyfriend because his ass is drunk again! Of course I'm the one who broke the broomstick upside his head. His drunk ass is so drunk he can't get it up! How can I get lovin if his drunk ass can't get it up? He needed a beatin!" -- quote from average trailer park skank
by Terra Imperator May 14, 2004
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A variety show that uses comedians, ecdysiasts, and musicians. The ecdysiasts (READ: strippers) often required to sing and dance while removing their clothes in a seductive manner. There is usualy a master of ceremonies betwixt acts.
Burlesque shows are precursors to vaudeville. Vaudville is the precursor to the American musical. Burlesque is the "grandfather" of the American musical!
by Terra Imperator May 13, 2004
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a threesome:

2 guys and a girl
2 girls and a guy
3 gay guys
2 lesbians

the logistics are a pain in the ass, though
Person One is a slice of bread... Person Two is a slice of bread... Person Three is the ham...

Get the picture?
by Terra Imperator May 14, 2004
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Phrase used to mean, "Teamwork takes priority over individual achievement; we win as a team & we lose as a team."
There may not be an "I" in "team..." switch around a few letters and there's a "me," though! It's all about ME!
by Terra Imperator May 18, 2004
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you want none of that

see trailer park skank
bitch fell out of the ugly tree & hit every branch on the way down
bitch so ugly her daddy tied a pork chop round her neck to get the dog to play with her
when they handed out the ugly bitch went back in line for seconds
if ugly were a load of bricks this bitch would be a housin project
by Terra Imperator June 07, 2004
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