is the best day of the year. this is when the most special people were born. if you are born in the 1st day of may, you have great hair, you are friendly, sweet, cute, loyal, and just- so amazing. you may 1st people honestly deserve the whole world. have a nice day <3
if you meet someone born in may 1st, give them food
by donttalktostrangers October 28, 2019
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May 1 is Nation piss on your shitty neighbor’s lawn. They can’t stop you
Neighbor: What are you doing?!
person1: It’s May 1 you cunt!
by extrabaggage April 27, 2021
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National hugggg your pets day
Anna:Hey today is may 1 national huggggggg your dog say
by 5rx5rx5f November 2, 2019
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May 1 is slap ass day.
Student 1: Slap* Its May 1 so you can't get mad at me
Student 2: True, but i will get you back
by ThatBitch111 April 16, 2019
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If u are a virgin get ready to lose ur virginity with ur boo or ur best friend may 1
by Xvideoscommunity May 1, 2019
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