The art of seductively removing ones clothing to provide pleasure/entertainment for other(s).
I did a striptease for my sisters fiance the night of his bachelor party.
by Belinda November 5, 2004
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The "art" (wink, wink) of seductive dancing while removing clothing; performed by ecdysiasts
I love the was Lucious does her striptease!
by Terra Imperator May 13, 2004
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a striptease is a dance where a woman or man undress them selfs as a show in order to get an arouwsal out of the veiwers
-hey baby gimmi a stripetease
by mac daddy April 2, 2003
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a ho who playing with yo jimmy without getting naked or having contact.
That girl kat wouldn't let me see her naked but gave me a good striptease.
by Guitar123456789 February 9, 2018
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When the irrational and transcendental number π occasionally reveals herself to excite the mathematical brethren of her numerical or geometric hidden properties, be it through some new beautiful pattern or little juicy theorem.
Both number theorists and numerologists get pretty aroused when they get invited to attend a pi striptease event (by invitation only), whose aha! moments could get them mathematically excited for days.
by MathPlus September 1, 2021
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showing one's feelings

-- coined by C.Boissonnault, 1998
He arrived at her doorstep steeped from the rain that now muffled his low, monotone apology. He began his emo striptease, hoping the last night's muzzy attempt to make out with her could be forgotten. When he was ready to cry, she was ready to discard their years of quiet friendship in exchange for his malnourished frame - pale and warm, irrevocably moist when undressed. His sweater, jeans, and tattered underwear remained in the same pile. When he redressed he swore he could smell his former self between the layers of must. "I'll buy flowers..." he muttered, but quickly toothed his lips.
by P. Colot July 23, 2004
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revealing ones problems like a game of striptease; revealing ones problems to gain trust particularly from women; playing on ones problems in an attempt to invoke sympathy from others and failing
A: I used to get bullied at school
B: oh right, how sad...
B: jesus, A is such a soul striptease
C: yeah, it's really pathetic
by Defaye May 30, 2011
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