An American fetish. Out of the 195 sovereign states in the world, 90 of them have freedom, 58 have partial freedom, and 47 do not have freedom.
Americans sure like their freedom.
by Zebbra February 20, 2015
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Being able to make choices. Performing an action of your own choosing. Freedom will always be relative to the environment/situation which you inhabit.
by Phil rayner June 5, 2004
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The ability to do what you ought to do. Often confused with license, which is the ability to do whatever you want.

Why is freedom the ability to do what you OUGHT to do, and not what you WANT to do?

If we take it as a given that freedom is universal (or should be), then freedom cannot be whatever YOU want it to be. Let's say, for example, that you wanted to kill me. Your "freedom" would infringe on my own "freedom". Or let's say you wanted to raise taxes on me to increase your own freedom. That detracts from MY freedom.

Therefore, if all of us are entitled to freedom, this definition of freedom is invalid because it doesn't safely entitle everyone universal freedom.

The definition I have posted, that freedom is being able to do what one OUGHT to do, however, IS freedom because when one does what he OUGHT to do, instead of what he wants to, he infringes on no one else's freedom. He disrupts no one in their freedom, but instead directs them TO freedom if they are not free. The only person who can limit your freedom in a society where freedom is doing good is oneself.
Father Corapi preaches the difference between freedom and license. Freedom is what Christianity is all about. God made us to be FREE. And even if that is what the Illuminati want, let's baffle 'em and be free in God!
by TarkanAttila22 September 6, 2010
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One who has freedom has the ability to do what he or she pleases without being stopped or hindered by a seperate power.
The problem: one who has freedom is free to take away another's freedom, and, because of man's nature, is inclined to.

Freedom is a long sought ideal of America.
by blackjack6.21.91 December 27, 2005
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Just another word for nothing left to lose.
Like janis Joplin said in Me&Bobby McGee, freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose.
by Chizelle April 21, 2008
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Freedom is everything; everything should be free
Freedom is basically the right to be treated as an equal.
No-one has the right to exert any form of power over another, for any reason at all.
We all differ physically & intellectually; and circumstances do vary based both on merit and luck. We however diminish ourselves by using any of these 'advantages' to exert power.
Anyone who believes that they are better than another for whatever reason; is basically shallow and deluded.
If you do the right thing for the right reason and positively benefit the universe; you are far more likely to achieve happiness and essentially be at peace with yourself. Your conscience will always be there, it will always remember and it will hold you accountable. Do not delude yourself on this; the easy path often leads to great peril for your soul.
When you are doing something wrong, you are aware of it. You can lie to yourself (as many do), but what is the point? really that is just silly.
It is just as easy to make the right choice as is it to make the wrong one.
You have the freedom to disobey orders or rules (Refer norms).
You have the strength to do what needs to be done to try to benefit everything that exists.

Okay; I understand that things may already be in place; things are unfortunately not that simple. however, you can change your job, you can quit the military (hopefully), you can change how you act!!
It is possible to be in charge of a 100 people and not be an arsehole. If you are in charge of that many people you have the privilege of being able to increase the happiness of all of those souls. Sure, some of them wont appreciate it (Refer: Bogan) and there may be a price to pay, depending on the action that you take (remember: small steps still lead somewhere). But, it is still the right thing - its that simple.

Do you think you are something special? - prove it

Okay, thats all standard if rather random & verbose

Guess what!! - we are not the only things with brains on this planet - oh my god, who would have thought!!

Now we get to the meat of the matter....

Meat; yep, thats right.

A heathen is one who is spiritually unenlightened. I would assume that the majority of contemporary religions would agree that this is true. They are unfortunately all under the delusion that their particular doctrine is the correct one.

"My parents said god is made of hemp and rice and loves the cock"
The example above is of course the truth, however a lot of you would have been told similar stories by your parents, such as:

"God is all knowing and all seeing"
"Animals were put on this earth for us to increase our egos and to make our arses fatterer if we so desire"
"God had a son called Jesus, who was an Anglo-Saxon carpenter"

I am sorry; but if you believe that shit, you are not even fit to lick the windows of the short bus.
what makes you so sure that yours is the right path to follow, are your parents really that bright (cant be, because they listened to their parents!)

Anyway I digress (again)
The point I was trying to make was:
You do not have the right to control something elses life. You are a random bogan at best if you believe you can.
Sorry, its not 'a steak' its somethings leg or arse - you are truly a sick fuck.
These animals are bred in captivity, treated like shit by dickless red-neck duck fuckers and then murdered to feed your fat arse. What the fuck is that about, what is wrong with you?
It takes approximately 50 times the amount of protein to raise a cow to a murderable size as what you get out of it when you eat the poor fukka.
Doesnt make any sense apart from keeping the wheels turning for the rich morons and fucking up this beautiful planet that we all live on.

Apart form that - it is wrong, you do not have the right.
You cannot judge yourself to be superior to anything for any reason. The universe alone will judge you.
"I am Human, i am the smarterest thing in existence" too fuckin' funny dude, listen to you; if you believe that is true, you have such a long way to go.
Like most concepts, freedom is a tad more complex than most have ever considered.

While the term freedom generally conjures up images of slavery or detention in the minds of most norms; it is also intrinsic in every aspect of daily life.
Freedom to be yourself
Freedom to make your own choices
Freedom to express yourself
Freedom to do the right thing for the right reason.

Be honest with yourself and you will be free.

The problem is that you have to be honest with yourself in order to be honest with yourself - still dont get it?

If you are reading this and believe that you are doing the right thing for the right reason and that you do care for others at least as much as you care for yourself and that you are not limiting the freedom of others - then you are most likely deluded.

All of us can do more, we can all make some difference. We all know what is right and what is wrong.
We are just mainly too shallow, selfish and lazy to do anything about anything.

Stop eating meat
Dont abuse your children or anything else in any way
Dont yell at or hit 'your' pets, its not their fault you dont realise that they dont speak your language.
Do not intimidate
Do not exert control over others!!

I freely admit that I lost the plot on this one altogether.
That is my right - that is freedom

Wake up - the universe awaits

Monday 01/09/2008
by Luke Warm December 23, 2008
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