11 definitions by TOomp

A mysterious man that is from a small town in Idaho he is known for having a Limp Dick. Despite this, he manages to get every single elderly woman in a 100-mile radius.
My dad is known as a Limp Dick Legend.
by TOomp March 11, 2021
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A penis that is typically found on people named Jontavious Q. Where when they jerk it makes melodies like a guitar.
I wish Toomp had a Penis guitar like Jontavious Q
by TOomp February 21, 2021
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A Predator that is known for its constant swamp ass this animal lived during the cretaceous period and mainly ate the reproductive organs of other animals.
Bruh the articqaus sloopyascious is Shlomi's favorite dinosaur cause it's like him.
by TOomp March 11, 2021
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It is the residue left over when you don't wipe the nut of your girlfriend's boobs.
Yo I heard Toomp found some Schmoob on his girl.
by TOomp March 11, 2021
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A really cool dude who has a Shlonky and Fucks ALLLL the bitches
Dude who heard what happened Jontavious Q fucked my mom and my grandma at the SAME time.
by TOomp February 21, 2021
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A member of a gang that doesn't fuck with Jontavious Q
Toomp got into a fight and beat Jontavious Q up.
by TOomp February 21, 2021
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That one hoe that always smells like onions and garlic
I heard LaQrunchia is a Stanky Skank.
by TOomp March 11, 2021
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