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person who can secretly puke almost anywhere, indoors or out, without drawing attention to themselves
Eric thought himself a puking ninja, but the entire party saw him throw up in the fireplace.
by TC September 26, 2003
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(n) name for an adolescent of either sex who is being annoying, bratty, or idiotic.
The movie was fine except for the little mush heads in the front row making fart noises
by TC November 22, 2005
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A funk/alt. band formed on Long Island in late 2003. They have released 3 albums, with more forthcoming.
Were you at the Sexual Panda show last weekend? It Rocked!
by TC January 07, 2005
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some chick who called me swaggered. damm ho!!
pill poppers are girls that have pill cases
by TC December 13, 2003
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you use it when you refer to someone who is or might be a mother, or who you think might have had a baby.
1. Jay, "omg shes having a baby!"

Don, "Wasnt she already babied like 2 months ago?"

2. "Are you planning on having kids with your wife?"

"Nah, she has already babied."

by TC April 19, 2007
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