bobo is a ur very close friend. you guys are the only ones who can call eachother that tho. originally from bozo as calling people stupid but replace z with b for bestie!!
hey bobo, you free today?
by kxai May 2, 2021
a name to call someone if you're disappointed with them
franchement bobo😤😤😤😤
by youredisappointing August 24, 2017
A bobo is a term of adressing one who has performed a dumb or stupid act. Usually used as a term of endearment for friends.
you bobo! who told you to stick it in the ass
by gru the potato May 5, 2019
yan yung ginagamit na pang bad words
like uy bobo tabi ka nga dyan daan ako e
by hakdogandeat August 25, 2019
ambobo naman ni lagado, walang alam tangina
by matinik January 8, 2018
looks at zat sillya boyeh - he lookey likey za monkey eh heh heh heh .. eh-hello bobo, you like a banana ehh??
by womoma April 16, 2005