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Rat earbuds are earbuds made from a pair of ears off a dead rat's carcass, along with some spare wire. The ears of the rat function as the buds that go in your ears, while the wire functions as the cord and aux plug. Not as good as normal ear buds, but will do in a pinch.

Crafting requirements:

x2 severed rat ears

x1 spare wiring

x1 salvaged aux plug
Johnny broke his air pods and didn't have the money for a new pair so he fashioned himself a pair of rat earbuds for now until he gets paid on Friday.
by Suckmytoes_77 April 14, 2021

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An insult for someone who is part of generation Z. Based on how Z can stand for zombie. Basically an alternative word for "zoomer."
"Stfu zombie. You're whole generation is soft asf." -Mike the Millennial
by Suckmytoes_77 April 13, 2021

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A classy way to call someone an 'ass eater' giving off the impression that you are a classy person, even when insulting someone.
"Don't talk about Samantha like that you ass eaterton!"
by Suckmytoes_77 April 12, 2021

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A fancy way to replace an empty juul pod with a full one. Speed and style are usually key when doing a "tactijuul reload," with the goal in mind being to attract mates at a college party.
"That loser Justin tried to do a tactijuul reload at the frat party and dropped his pod in the punchbowl. What a tool."
by Suckmytoes_77 April 12, 2021

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Head but super sloppy. Feels better than normal head. Head is another word for a blowjob, which is when someone sucks your pp
Jenny: "Would you like me to give you normal head or drippy head?"

Steve: "What's that?"

Jenny: "It's head but super sloppy."
by Suckmytoes_77 April 14, 2021

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Another word for a breathalyzer, which is a device used to monitor one's blood alcohol content (BAC). Dubbed 'the Lahey juul' because in the television series "Trailer Park Boys," Jim Lahey (park supervisor) frequently uses a breathalyzer in a similar fashion to a nicotine addict.
Yo I got pulled over by this cop who was super chill. He even let me hit his Lahey juul.
by Suckmytoes_77 April 18, 2021

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Another word for a dab pen, which is an electronic device that you use to vape dabs with. Nicknamed piss pen because dabs are the same shade of yellow as piss.
Yooo I'm tryna get baked before class starts. Lemme hit the piss pen
by Suckmytoes_77 April 19, 2021

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