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A movement for pathetic men to feel special about themselves. The idea itself comes from the matrix, where in the film taking the red pill means that you see the reality of life no matter how painful it is. In recent years a lot of internet personas (such as professional douchebag Andrew Tate) have used this philosophy as a cash cow to take advantage of the waves of fatherless virgins that make up the fanbase of red pill preachers. They often speak to their fanbase by claiming that by following their teachings, they will gain the successes they desire. The irony is that there's a rather obvious disconnect between the preachers and the followers of the red pill philosophy, to the point where it becomes painfully obvious to those not indoctrinated that it's a load of bologna used by those who preach this ideology in order to sell bogus online courses to their fans. Most often these courses will supposedly detail how to get money or get women to like you. However, if these losers actually wanted these things they'd be thinking for themselves (another irony, since red pill also encourages free thought) and wouldn't need advice from these scumbags. TLDR a movement for losers adopted by scammers to take advantage of said losers
"Bro Malcolm is such a loser. I hear he's one of those incels who watches that Andrew Tate guy."

"Ikr. What a red pill bootlicker"
by Suckmytoes_77 October 1, 2023
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Rat earbuds are earbuds made from a pair of ears off a dead rat's carcass, along with some spare wire. The ears of the rat function as the buds that go in your ears, while the wire functions as the cord and aux plug. Not as good as normal ear buds, but will do in a pinch.

Crafting requirements:

x2 severed rat ears

x1 spare wiring

x1 salvaged aux plug
Johnny broke his air pods and didn't have the money for a new pair so he fashioned himself a pair of rat earbuds for now until he gets paid on Friday.
by Suckmytoes_77 April 15, 2021
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A Hot Toddy is when some gives you a blowjob, but prior to doing so, they ingested something spicy, (like buffalo wings, for example). It hurts really bad, and you usually scream "HOT TODDY!" when it happens. It can also be when someone gives you a handjob after coming into contact with a sensitive-skin irritant, like chili flakes. Sometimes it's an accident, but sometimes they know it'll hurt you and they do it anyway to be a bad person.
Person 1: "Ok ready?"

by Suckmytoes_77 August 10, 2022
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A fancy way to replace an empty juul pod with a full one. Speed and style are usually key when doing a "tactijuul reload," with the goal in mind being to attract mates at a college party.
"That loser Justin tried to do a tactijuul reload at the frat party and dropped his pod in the punchbowl. What a tool."
by Suckmytoes_77 April 13, 2021
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Someone who's life is dominated by technology, more so than the average person. This person always has an array of gadgets on their person, such as the newest phone, watch, etc. Some of the tools they own might fill a niche role, or one that is a total gimmick, such as a shoulder-mounted automatic fly swatter, or in the case of a useless gimmick, a juicero juicing machine. Often times the technel will brag about how advanced their technology is to the point where the objects they own become their whole personality and more or less extensions of themselves. Technels are the type of people who will talk all day about all the benefits of modern day innovations, but would be left defenseless should their beloved technologies fail, and will likely attribute this failure to external factors rather than poor design. Most technels wouldn't survive 3 days in the wilderness without their little toys.
Example 1:

Technel: "The flesh is weak.. Robots are our masters!"

Regular person: "goddamn when will this technel shut up he's been hogging the mic for 20 minutes now."

Example 2: Technel brags about shoes with built in climate control, regenerative insoles, and self tying laces made of titanium cable. Technel tries to demonstrate the capabilities of the hydraulic jump feature, failing to account for the fact that the shoes have a weight limit of 130 lbs between the two of them and the engineers didn't do a very good job creating a waterproof design. Technel doesn't make it over the massive puddle they tried to jump and total their $18,000 shoes, blaming the failure on "wind conditions."
by Suckmytoes_77 November 9, 2023
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Small nuggets of poop that are about the size of a small grape, and that usually come out one at a time. Named so due to their round shape and small size.
"Ayo some dumb fuck left backside beans in the urinal! What the actual f-"

"Honey! Someone left backside beans on our porch... AGAIN..."
by Suckmytoes_77 August 17, 2021
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A term used to describe something that is extremely unpleasant to the ears. Can be used to describe a really terrible song, a bad speech, an annoying voice etc. Sounds like it came out of someone's asshole
"I hate this song. The person singing it sounds like audible diarrhea."
by Suckmytoes_77 April 22, 2023
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