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The motion created from fornicating so violently that the breasts on the female, or sometimes the male, end up flapping and jostling about with great force. Usually the party suffering the bobbity wiggles experiences a great amount of breast pain afterwards.
"Man, I tapped that so hard her breasts hurt."
"Was she suffering a mad case of the bobbity wiggles?
by Stykz September 12, 2007

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Something both retarded, and ridiculous.
Man, that's retarted, and ridiculous... it's... retardidiculous!
by Stykz September 23, 2006

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Person seldomly speaking english, mostly....rinish, Or uttering cute cat or animal noises such as mew.
"Hi Ryo"

"MEW! ^^"
by Stykz December 22, 2004

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An exclaimation of dismay related to other various shit- prefixed words. British origins.
Shitkabbibles lad! We done broke the cat!
by Stykz November 23, 2006

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The term Astro in this case means a star or stars. Fornication, of course, means to have sex with, or to fuck. An Astrofornicator is a Starfucker, in base terms. Incorperated, of course. Starfuckers, Inc.
Man, astrofornication sounds like something the chili peppers would come up with! I wouldn't mind flying out to the sun and commencing some lovin on it, personnally
by Stykz September 12, 2007

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A german group, produces Industrial music. Some songs include Dead Stars and Bullet.
Dead Stars still burn.
by Stykz March 13, 2005

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A soft squishy material, it can be used for many things. One, is Styrofoam swords of wrath. yes yes. another, is to wrap around an egg and stick it in a box with bricks so it doesn't break when you drop it off a building.
FEAR ME! And my styrofoam sword of WRATH!
by Stykz December 24, 2004

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