A different form of the word cool, which can be used in almlst any situation, at almost every time.
Hey buddy, just came to tell you that my grandma died.
by Swagmaster828 February 20, 2022
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Meaning cool, but typically used as a one word response and not part of a sentence.
Quaay says, "Hey, Inde, I just bought more ram for my computer!"
Inde replies, "Coolio!"
by Quaay July 4, 2004
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Izzy:I just got a new cat!
by Izzy_Awesomeness February 24, 2011
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A cooler way of saying cool. Mostly when you respond to people
Person: we are having pizza
You with your new cool word: coolio
by A nal May 27, 2020
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When something is cool and awesome but in a dorky or cheesy manner. Such as pee wee herman, the fraggles, or watching the clouds pass overhead as you listen to owl city and sip on tea.
Sweet! I'll definately play hungry hungry hippos. That game is mad coolio.

Star wars is so coolio.

Obeying the law, getting good grades, and saying no to drugs. Darn, if those those things aren't coolio then I don't know what is.
by Kent Owens November 7, 2011
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US rapper, famous for multi-million selling song "Gangsters Paradise". In January of 2009, Coolio entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK.
Coolio is so coolio!
by Tibbins January 10, 2009
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