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Meaning cool, but typically used as a one word response and not part of a sentence.
Quaay says, "Hey, Inde, I just bought more ram for my computer!"
Inde replies, "Coolio!"
by Quaay July 04, 2004
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Used as a way to express when something is cool, but BETTER!?! It makes it also seem sorta more chill and relaxed with out seeming like you don't give any shits. In other words it make you sound cooler than you actually are... (Can be used like lemonz. Also, it does NOT have to be used in a single word sentence but normally is.
person1:I live on a rainbow
person 2: That's soooo coolio


person 1: okay?
person2: coolio
by iziey September 19, 2017
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Coolios is the most awesome way of saying cool. it usual implies a bouncier happier personality and can be used to brighten an otherwise bland statement.
Rose: ...and then he kissed me!
Sarah: coolios, thats awesome!

Mark: you wanna hang out after school tomorrow?
Josh: sure!
Mark: coolios.
by wolferman August 27, 2010
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used to describe a person who is popular, nonchalant, and stylish

it can be used as a compliment or insult
if used as an insult, it means someone who thinks they are better than other people because of the clothes/shoes they wear or the money they have
compliment: Jason, the coolio senior, asked me out? OMGGGG
insult: you think you're mad coolio because you got one Gucci bag and your dad is sleeping with Jerry Russo from Wizards of Waverly place
by ur dad's prostate August 26, 2019
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new fad, same definition as cool. Should not be said by someone over 30.
Man that concert was coolios!
by Taheka December 14, 2003
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a West-Coast artist who has been making music since the late 1980's for Tommy Boy Records.

people say that Coolio is a one hit wonder with his chart topping song "gangstas paridise" but that is not true...Coolio has many great songs such as "Geto Hilites" "Sumpin New" "Too Hot" "Fucc Coolio" and "Exercise Yo Game" so his album "Gangsta Paradise" is considered a classic by those who heard songs other than just gangstas paradise
Coolio is a lyrically talented yet under-rated MC
by tha truth teller May 23, 2006
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