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a name of irish orgin. Usually a girl with hilarious sense of humor. Nice to all but is her true self with her best friends. Also usually drop-dead gorgeous. This is a girl you would want as a friend.
"Did you meet that girl. Muireann"
"Yeh dude shes wicked cool"
by Audrey Johnson September 29, 2009
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Communicates by meows, can be quite parannoying but makes up for this with her amazing culinary skills - coke floats, for example.

Is a noun for something so crazy that it renders you speechless.
Sam: There's a girl outside with no shoes drawing squirrels with chalk. I said hi, and she purred at me. What the fuck?

Ashley: It's pretty Muireann alright.
by Feawen March 31, 2009
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An adjective for someone who is mediocre, boring, weird and sometimes invisible to the world.
Don't invite Sarah to the party! She's such a Muireann.
by Pegs Mug June 18, 2017
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