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A horrid little window into an awesome universe of pure blockheaded spite. Spiralling galaxies of ignorance roll majestically against a backdrop of what looks like dark prejudice, dotted hither and thither with winking stars of snide innuendo.
Run out of toilet paper? Just use this copy of the Daily Mail.
by StrawberryUtopia October 18, 2009

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Originally a mobile phone typo of "fair enough".
Person 1: "I just get bored watching it"
Person 2: "Fair doughnut"
by StrawberryUtopia July 20, 2008

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A synonym of rubbish or codswallop

Something that doesn't make sense and sounds like utter nonsense can be described as pishwaddle.
Person 1: This year's Big Brother is going to be awesome!
Person 2: Pishwaddle! It's Big Brother, the exact opposite of awesome.
by strawberryutopia June 18, 2009

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A combination of the words "trans" (as in -gender or -sexual) and "paralysis".

This is when a trans person attempts to do something associated with their acquired gender, but then getting scared and not doing it.

Examples include using the "correct" bathroom/toilets or dressing in a particular way in public.
Person: How come you just went in the mens'?
Transgirl: Just a bad case of transalysis.
by strawberryutopia March 30, 2009

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Refers to the phenomenon whereby if you live in one postcode in the UK, the National Health Service will pay for some things, but if you live in a different postcode (sometimes even the next postcode over), the NHS will not pay for those same things.
A: Are you going to get your injury looked at by a doctor?
B: No, due to the Health Lottery that counts as cosmetic treatment for me and thus the NHS will not pay
by strawberryutopia August 20, 2013

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When you are entering a word, especially an uncommon one, into a device that does autocorrection, an autocorrectypo would be where it incorrectly 'corrects' your correct word to the word it thought you meant.
Fido: Woof

(Felix types 'Mew')
Felix: New

Fido: ?

Felix: *Mew
Felix: Damn autocorrectypo!
by strawberryutopia March 07, 2010

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