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A great guy who is always there for you no matter what. He could get irritating most of the time but will make you laugh. He could be himself around other people. No matter what others put him through he will forgive and move on. Most of the times Felix's are skinny with light brown-wish or hazel eyes. You'll be lucky enough to date one. He will treat you like a queen and always love you. He is also childish, loving, caring, and cute.
"You're so lucky to be dating Felix."
by a person from here March 15, 2017
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An amazing guy who is also an amazing boyfriend, he cares and loves and can make your eyes roll to the back of your head during sex. An amazing guy all around pays allot of attention to his hair and can have girl best friends. Can make you laugh and help you find new meanings in life.
1) Hes such a an amazing Felix OMG!
2) Omg I know I want that ass.
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A wonderful boy that is really easy to open up to. He's normally very attractive and funny and easy to fall for. He's a great friend and he can be freaky. He can get easily confused with his feelings and he might lead you on without knowing it. He is a EXTREMELY caring person and if you show that you're crying he'll ask whats wrong. If he does something to upset you he'll apologize a million and two times. He'll make promises and sometimes he'll break them yet he won't mean to. He's a great person and you love him dearly. Honestly one of the best people ever, once you have him don't let him go because you'll find no one like him ever again. Trust me. I know.
Sara: jake made me upset and pulled a FELIX
me; hes such a felix tho
attractive freaky
by felix's wife March 02, 2018
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A common name world-wide. Most felix's are very kind-hearted and love to laugh. Most of them are different to most guys, they are incredibly nice and makes you feel special. They are definitely the sporty type and are usually quite attractive
Person 1: You know that Felix kid?
Person 2: Yeah, he cracks me up all the time.

Person 1: I think im gonna try to get to know him better!
by whaaddupp February 10, 2013
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A good looking guy who’s a bit of an asshole when he is an a bad mood or doesn’t like you, but if he likes you he’ll be the most funniest, caring, and cool person you’ll ever meet. Also they have the tendency to make their hair as straight as possible but after a workout or school day it’ll be the most fluffiest thing you have ever seen.
Person 1:OMG look at his hair I wanna touch it!!
Person 2:what no way he’s an asshole!
Person 1: who cares i’ma do it!
by Lulu-3- October 16, 2018
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