A great guy who is always there for you no matter what. He could get irritating most of the time but will make you laugh. He could be himself around other people. No matter what others put him through he will forgive and move on. Most of the times Felix's are skinny with light brown-wish or hazel eyes. You'll be lucky enough to date one. He will treat you like a queen and always love you. He is also childish, loving, caring, and cute.
"You're so lucky to be dating Felix."
by a person from here March 16, 2017
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A wonderful boy that is really easy to open up to. He's normally very attractive and funny and easy to fall for. He's a great friend and he can be freaky. He can get easily confused with his feelings and he might lead you on without knowing it. He is a EXTREMELY caring person and if you show that you're crying he'll ask whats wrong. If he does something to upset you he'll apologize a million and two times. He'll make promises and sometimes he'll break them yet he won't mean to. He's a great person and you love him dearly. Honestly one of the best people ever, once you have him don't let him go because you'll find no one like him ever again. Trust me. I know.
Sara: jake made me upset and pulled a FELIX
me; hes such a felix tho
attractive freaky
by felix's wife March 2, 2018
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Felix has a very warm smile and a deep voice. He's a sunshine. a Felix is a very soft person and also outgoing. The type of guy you would want to be friends with. He also have the whole universe painted on his cheeks . Felix can also flex on you his new minecraft skins. In conclusion, felix makes me happy and he's my sunshine, we'll do fortnite dance until we break our ankles.
felix's fortnite ign is 'stanstraykids'
stays loves felix.
by milksfelix June 11, 2019
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Felix from cartel town is so great he is the best admin of all time
Felix just banned the bot that was going to nuke the server
by Alpinecartel October 3, 2022
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“Felix, are you my dad?”
by Jackyboyyyy February 28, 2019
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-is a Minecraft God

-gets so much diamonds

-gets hella Roblox bussy
-has big pp
Does NOT get emeralds like his friend vverttng
Felix gets all the diamonds

Felix= Minecraft good
by Minecraft god 303838284773 December 19, 2018
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