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A great guy who is always there for you no matter what. He could get irritating most of the time but will make you laugh. He could be himself around other people. No matter what others put him through he will forgive and move on. Most of the times Felix's are skinny with light brown-wish or hazel eyes. You'll be lucky enough to date one. He will treat you like a queen and always love you. He is also childish, loving, caring, and cute.
"You're so lucky to be dating Felix."
by a person from here March 15, 2017
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An amazing guy who is also an amazing boyfriend, he cares and loves and can make your eyes roll to the back of your head during sex. An amazing guy all around pays allot of attention to his hair and can have girl best friends. Can make you laugh and help you find new meanings in life.
1) Hes such a an amazing Felix OMG!
2) Omg I know I want that ass.
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A common name world-wide. Most felix's are very kind-hearted and love to laugh. Most of them are different to most guys, they are incredibly nice and makes you feel special. They are definitely the sporty type and are usually quite attractive
Person 1: You know that Felix kid?
Person 2: Yeah, he cracks me up all the time.

Person 1: I think im gonna try to get to know him better!
by whaaddupp February 10, 2013
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1. A person with a large dick.

2. A pimp.

3. A person who will become succesful in some way.
He is such a Felix, I wish i was him.
by djhdgfvmgfdhycm April 27, 2008
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Greatest Person you'll ever meet
who can make you laugh and whose hair is very very tempting to touch.

Chick: Felix make me laugh
Felix: Tu es hablar el taco taco?
by Rawrsy February 14, 2009
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1.Greatest Person you'll ever meet

2.Very Weird but in a good way

3.Quite most of the time

4.Have a very creative imagination

5.Will become successful some way or another

Most "Felix" get along with : Stephanie, Brian, Josh, Kate, Brianna, Evelyn, Mike, Matthew, Emma, Samantha, Carlos, Janet, and Jasmine's .

Most compatible with : Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Virgo .

Lucky Number's : 6 , 12 , 15
Most of the "Felix" around the word are considered to be conservative .
by MXWJ238UIXSA August 08, 2012
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Felix is a charming, tall, and handsome man that none can surpass. He is sweet, but has a dirty side when he's with his friends. He isn't afraid to show off, and is a lady magnet. Felix is always team captain when it comes to sports. If you're thinking about going against Felix you better watch out. No one compares to the masculinity of him. He's great in bed and will never disappoint you with his massive dick. Never underestimate the attractiveness of a Felix.
Girl 1: Wow he's SO hot.
Girl 2: Yeah, he must be a Felix. No one else has a body like that.
by bubblybaboons March 24, 2017
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