20 definitions by Steveo

the f u c k i n hood
shellcat lives there with winseh j-lo favid dinlay bullet boy rory and girlie hurley.been there done that.
by Steveo February 23, 2005
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What I am now and you probarbly are if you typed this
Wooooooooo man im stoned, oh hang on im just pissed
by Steveo March 19, 2005
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The piece of skin between your balls and your asshole.
by Steveo November 24, 2004
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one of the two rival gangs of the good ol' boys
turtle is the king of the muldoons because he sucks
by Steveo November 6, 2003
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wat dus it say 4 dat?
by Steveo February 18, 2005
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One who pilots the cock, aka a homosexual. Derogatory term
That guy is such a cockpilot
by Steveo February 13, 2005
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