9 definitions by Stephen Carboni

A term often used when on xbox live when you headshot little kids from across the map and they start crying.
by Stephen Carboni April 2, 2008
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Alex - So what's the acronym for board off my ass
Kevin - BOMA
*Both Laugh*
by Stephen Carboni July 31, 2006
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A. A show on MTV that tests people's patience.

B. Something that annoys a certain person (Also gayly known as a "pet peeve")
A. Dude, did you see Boiling Point last night? They sold people umbrellas that had holes in them.

B.My boiling point is singing, so don't sing unless you want a black eye.
by Stephen Carboni June 26, 2004
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The most common feedback you can get on ebay because the other person was so lazy to think of something original
John Doe - A++ John Doe 2
by Stephen Carboni January 11, 2005
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In the sking episode of South Park, it was how the kids learned to ski by stopping by forming a pizza shape with his skies and forming two french fries to go faster.
*Going down the hill*
Stan - Pizza...French Fries. Pizza...French Fries.
by Stephen Carboni June 8, 2005
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When you try to fart and shit your pants.
I know this from the movie Along Came Polly when the guy sharts at the party.
by Stephen Carboni January 11, 2005
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