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Niggers Are Always Causing Problems
Sir, you are under arrest for causing problems.

Your doing it 'cause im black! Im callin the NAACP
by Stephen April 15, 2005

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The excessive use of time for nonsense activities
Stop faffing around already, and please provide to me my work objectives.
by Stephen March 24, 2004

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the gteatest personality in this world. Never ever try to compete with him. Master of all.
oh! i think only one in this world is azim
by stephen February 18, 2004

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Fresno is the 8th largest city in the state of California. Located in the central San Joaquin Valley, close to the geographic center of the state, Fresno's population base is rapidly growing.

Largely based on agriculture type businesses, Fresno is also becoming a popular location for technology based companies, because of it's centralized location.
Fresno is a city located in the state of California, between Sacramento and Bakersfield.
by Stephen July 08, 2004

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What happens when you try to put a smiley ( =D ) in a comment on someones page but they have a page style that makes all font lower-case.
Hey! =D

hey! =d
by Stephen September 21, 2006

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Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Ass Off
I was ROTFLMAO after I heard that joke.
by Stephen April 11, 2003

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The term dinosaur refers to a band or belt that one would use to make their veins more visible when injecting something.(herion)
Lying in my plasic bed
thinkin how things weren't so cool to me
My baby likes to shoot pool
I like lying naked in my bedroom
Tying on the dinosaur
tonight it used to be so cool
by stephen May 30, 2004

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