140 definition by Stephanie

to give your word and go back on it
screwing over you friends
by stephanie April 05, 2004

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A classy lady, who is respected.
Someone who is looked highly apon by all.
by stephanie November 20, 2003

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A brown horse that has black points.
Look at that beautiful bay thoroghbred.
by Stephanie November 14, 2004

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all up in my grill means when someone is all up in your business or all up in your body area
guy comes up places hand on girls boob
girl says: oh boy...you are all up in my grill, you better get off
by Stephanie April 26, 2004

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are those people who are so stupid and that you just love to hate
see dumbass
kimm you ae suck a pucker i cant believe you

why should i tell a pucker like you who this is...
by stephanie December 23, 2004

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Must i really point out the obvious?!

you're losing faith in whatever bullshit u believe in.
Oh fuck, i just got hit by a truck. Thanks god - im now losing my religion
by stephanie March 11, 2005

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a silly little game where one bored person calls another and says "tag youre it"; the receiver of the call then continues the game by calling another person, and so on. The game ends when an annoyed person who has received five calls from five different people decides to not call anyone, thereby discontinuing the chain of phone calls. One can keep from receiving multiple phone calls by saying "no tag backs" to the person who calls.
stephanie got called five times in one game of phone tag because she forgot to say "no tag backs".
by stephanie December 31, 2004

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