An Inlet of the Sea or other Body of Water.
It'd Be fun if the Bay was close by Us.
by Mr. Baby Boys Blue November 15, 2014
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Bay is an amazing friend. She is smart and kind. Loving and caring for everyone around her. She is in touch with everyone around her. She makes everyone's day in a single smile. She is beautiful without knowing. She is creative in her own ways. When you get a Bay in your life don't let her go.
Girl 1: I wish my best friend was Bay.

Girl 2: yeah I would be lucky to have her.
by Quotes_for-life! September 16, 2017
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A cute way to call someone you love or are very close to

(Origin: taken from the Hurricane Chris joint "Ay Bay Bay")
Bay, I seriously just wanna hold you really close and kiss you like... like right now.. :)
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Sometimes confused with Bae, of ancient but unknown origin, this Devonian slang is a derivative of boy in a Devonian accent. Much equivalent to boyo in irish slang. Not to be confused with bae, a newfangled term that has caused great confusion amongst the ranks of devonian inhabitants who are now unsure how many gay friends they have.
Farmer 1: Yer'ight bay?

Farmer 2: Nar, randy bull's up top field!
by evie898 April 12, 2020
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ghetto ass term used by men in Augusta, GA that is short for baby.

A lazy ass alternative to using the word Baby when referring to your significant other.
"Bay, I'm sorry. You know luuv u."

"Bay, Why you'n fuck wit cha boy no more."

"Imma call you later Bay"

"Bay, why you ain't answer the phone."
by Brischenda December 4, 2009
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A classic example of a southern belle. Smart, funny, and always incredibly attractive, she's a keeper. While easy on the eyes, they are not afraid to speak their minds, and often do so without any hesitation. Fiery, but also full of intense love, they are caring and full of devotion. Also, they exhibit an uncharacteristic affinity towards popular culture, and can become diehard fans of, for example, Star Wars.
I finally found a Bay that I can bring home!

I hope when I visit Texas, I find a nice Bay to marry.
by Mjolnir62 March 15, 2010
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Cocaine...A word used in reference to cocaine..Originating from That M-TOWN Memphis 10 A KEY
Bruh we got deals on that bay..
You fuck with that bay?
My nigga got that pure bay on the low...
by The Chosen One $]{1NY November 8, 2006
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