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1. Enormously large breasts, usually white women have them
2. Very large, firm breasts
Whoa, dude, check out the melons on that Nordic fox.
by Steagles February 15, 2006
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Popular Football program that made its first broadcast on September 21st, 1970 on ABC. Shows a regular season matchup game each week until the playoffs, begenning at 8 o'clock. Begenning in the 2006 NFL season ABC will no longer broadcast Monday Night Football, but instead ESPN will air it.

It's theme song, "Heavy Action" was originally intended for the BBC show Superstars.
Monday Night Football is on, bring in the bud already!
by Steagles June 5, 2006
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A New York rock n' roll band whose greatest singles feature Buck Dharma on vocals (however Eric Bloom is the lead vocalist). Famous for hits such as, "Burnin' For You", "Godzillia", and most well known, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper)".
Agents of Fortune by Blue Oyster Cult is a total fuck album
(from The Stoned Age, movie)
by Steagles February 13, 2006
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The Steagles were the result of a merger between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles during the 1943 NFL season. Due to WWII military service player personnel for both teams was scarce. An order to defeat this conflict the two teams merged. Their record was 5-4-1.

Although "Steagles" was never registered as an official NFL trademark (the offical name was simply the Eagles) this was the popular nickname regarding the team.
Urban Announcer: This week in week 3 our Steagles face off against the 2-0-1 Chicago Bears. Boy, it's gonna be a tough match-up but have no doubt...our Steagles will win!

(60 minutes later)

Urban Announcer: OMG! OMG! OMG! 2-1!
by Steagles June 6, 2006
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In ghetto slang a term used to regard those seen as social inferiors.
Loser (walking through hallway): Watchout, son!
Popular thug: No, YOU watchout nigga!
Loser: *silence*
by Steagles June 6, 2006
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When a prep girl forgets to put on make-up. With it, they appear to be gorgeous. Without it, it’s a completely different story.
Prep girl: Hi, Mike
*Mike see’s normally hot prep girl who forgot make-up*
Prep girl: *blushes with shame because of make-up malfunction*
Other prep girl: You ugly whore
Mike: She’s right, I’m going to the prom with HER now…haha, bitch
*They beat the shit out of prep girl for violating the natural laws of ugliness and proceed to have sex on the gymnasium floor*
by Steagles June 7, 2006
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Guest featured frequently on the Phil Hendrie Show. Owner of Ted's of Beverly Hills restaraunt located in Beverly Hills, California. They cater only to upscale and wealthy customers and will tow your car if you dare pull something like a Toyota Camry into the parking lot.
"Ted Bell" Jingle lyrics:

...of Beverly Hills!
Come on down

Here at Ted's!
We wanna put our meat in your mouth.
by Steagles June 6, 2006
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