A shrink or a psychoanalyst
"They are sending Brittany to The Phil because they think she might be depressed."
by "The Anna-lator" November 2, 2003
some dude who has sex with animals
hide your pets, here comes Phil!
by FuLLOfFortnite July 26, 2022
Pullin a Phil is when you're too ugly to get a woman so you settle for a crossdresser when you're drunk
Mike: im not gay plus i was drunk, plus they're non gender conformed so technically its not a man or a woman nanana
Jason: Sounds like you're pullin a phil
by BoyScoutsOfAmerica July 21, 2022
Ray of sunshine. Too pure for this world. Somehow adorable and sexy at the same time.
Dan: See that guy over there?
Emilia: Yea?
Dan: You could literally photosynthesize off of him.
Emilia: Whats his name?
Dan: Phil.
by dbdhdbdjdn November 3, 2015
phil is an over all amazing person. tall, usually around 6'2, with dark, longer hair. absolutely adorable with a great sense of humour. he travels a lot with his best friend who usually goes by the name dan, and loves to meet new people.
phil: hey dan, are you ready to meet some more fans today?
dan: yeah, i just hope i dont catch on fire... again.
Phil is an all round amazing guy! Extremely good looking, and most girls find it almost impossible to resist his charms! Extremely funny and can have the whole room laughing in minutes! Doesn't take any shit from anybody and will tell you exactly what he thinks and what is on his mind. He is extremely talented with regards his hobbies. Master of all. Can turn his hand to anything. A very fun guy who gets on with anybody of any age.
Do you know, Phil
Yer, isn't he just the best?
by mbp1993 June 2, 2013
The bestest boi of The Promised Neverland
The only wholesome part of the anime
by ESHDhanaura December 22, 2020