x The Phonetics of Lil' Jon

Yeahhh (Ye-ayah)

Whaaat (Hu-at-uh)

Okaayy (Oh-khaye)

X Etymology of Lil' Jon

A Chalet

Shiny Teeth

Club Energy
Madam, will this be reflected upon my frequent flyer miles?
Well sir, did you book your flight online?
by Ganguly July 8, 2004
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1. King of Crunk
2. Pimp cup holding rapper/producer that loves to yell "OOOOOOOOOKAAAAY" "YEEEEEEAAAAAAAH"and my favorite "WHHHHHHHAAAAAT?"
David Chappelle Show: "A Day of the Life with Lil Jon"
Doc: Do you take any drugs?
Lil Jon: what do you mean by drugs?
Doc: Prescription drugs?
lil jon: nope
Doc: cocaine?
Lil jon: of course not
Doc: marijuana?
by nay April 12, 2004
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One of the biggest rappers out today. Has made the following words more famous than they were 5 minutes before he came along:
Listen to the new song by Lil Jon. The lyrics are what?, yeah!, and okay!!!
by army_azn January 8, 2005
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a man who makes music and beats for rappers in the dirty souf. noted for his excessive use of the words: yeah, okay, and what. popularized by dave chappelle skit.

Note: is said to be always drunk, and goes nowhere without his pimp cup
wow look its another song with lil jon on it, what a surprise, his lyrics are so verbose!!!
by William C. June 10, 2004
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Beatsmith and pioneer of Krunk music.
Beats and screams designed simply to get rowdy and repraxent your set. Major Nationwide hit with Put yo Hood up that starts by naming a dozen cities often ignored by major media 3rd ward, funky town, Decatur, etc..

Original and Ground Breaking beats influenced by slam dancing and agressive percussion. Lil Jon's signature rolls and basslines are un-matched currently in the club set.

The whole ATL/HOU scene are major BME fanatics.


Well, oooookayyyyy!
by egokilla January 6, 2004
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a nutso nigga hailing from ATL. yea i think everyone knows he cant rap, maybe cuz he just doesnt. just cuz he's black doesnt mean he sings r&b or has to rap. hes a producer for many dirty south artists, and reknown king of krunk wit the eastside boyz
by D-I-P lowridah January 6, 2005
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one of the worst rappers out there - the kind of guy who brings rap music its bad stereotypes.
does nothing except bastardise the English language in his music and randomly yell 'YEEEAAAH!', OKAAAYYY!', 'WHAAAATTT!' and 'CRUUUNK!' like a retard.
a god for wiggers and poseurs everywhere.
lil jon is a prime example of what too much 'purple drank' will do to you.
by abbas224 July 24, 2007
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