5 definitions by Squinty

“Tony from tinder left me with a paralyzed pussy after he busted only 4 strokes in. I had to use a vibrator to finish myself off after he left.”
by Squinty October 13, 2019
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A person who's personal and political views transcend the petty right-wing left-wing mentality and understands how things really work in the world.
Someone who acknowledges that humans are terrible by nature and that the only cure for everything is one of the population-destroying meteors that passes between the Earth and Moon twice a month.
by Squinty August 01, 2003
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A nickname for really likable person, not an annoying sidekick whom no one likes; that'd be awful. Who'd write a definition like that? But seriously, a real bad ass, well liked by all, whose contributions to his or her friend group are innumerable.
Baked Goods: Squinty, can you do me a favor?

Squinty: Make Danger Douche do it.
by Squinty February 07, 2008
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More commonly known as the penis, the dick is often used to dish out pleasure to others, whether males, females, or mixgender. It may also be used to slap someone.
1. I produced sperm out of my dick, which felt good.

2. It felt good when the sperm from my dick was placed inside Sally.

3. I dislike Sally; I dick-slapped her.
by Squinty December 29, 2005
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Something that should be never used. Ever. Even in dire circumstances. Comedy first. Always.
My friend was once sincere about something. I told her to take back her sincerity, but she didn't, so I shot her in the face. She died. Lesson learned.
by Squinty January 18, 2009
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