When people look at clocks and have to squint.
Only a squinty can't tell time!
by Brendan & Westley January 22, 2008
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Might break at any time. Kinda like jack Skelton. "Jonah"
by Don't break jonah September 13, 2019
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also SQUINTY in red letters
you suck at wolf ET
by guest August 29, 2003
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See Hongee
by billybobjojackson February 28, 2003
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An Asian person who is so incredibly Asian that there eyes look like they are closed shut; squint to the point of asianness
Bro look at that Asian, wait is he sleeping or his he just a squinty squinty.
by Green bean casserole January 1, 2020
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the thing you get when you're really high. usually associated with a chesire cat smile.
'i can't open my fucking eyes, i've got the squinties"
by kt rix June 2, 2007
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Asians with eyes that look like thier squinting.
Dude look at that squinty, he looks like his eyes are closed!
by darsea February 27, 2008
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