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having a fat wallet but all the bills are ones
that guy must be rich look at the size of his wallet.
nah that guy is just nigger rich
by Spud August 02, 2004
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"3 way" consisting of 2 males & a female
Ted & I double teamed a girl last night in a MFM
by spud February 28, 2005
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A homosexual woman. (slander)
Man: "How did I know my girlfriend would run off with a clam bumper?"
by Spud January 27, 2004
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Also old fogey, one who is old before their time. Best viewed through their demeanour or their habits.
Graham: I was thinking of staying in on Friday nights to watch the Eamonn Dunphy show on TV3 and then maybe catch up on "Wife Swap"; the first few episodes were really good.
Spud: I don't believe I'm hear in this you old fogey!
by Spud October 02, 2003
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Named after Bishop Len Brennan, a character from the marvellous series Father Ted. A Len Brennan is a long run up to gather momentum followed by a kick up the arse.
See Spoofer
by Spud October 03, 2003
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This can have two meanings:
1) The traditional meaning of someone who cannot hold their drink or
2) An insulting term given to someone whose actions or opinions are of no consequence.
Martin: Is that Graham over there, in the Burberry shirt?
Spud: Yeah, but steer clear of him, he's a lightweight.
by Spud September 24, 2003
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someone who gets two DUIs in the same year. Someone who drinks alot and gets very wasted.
Man you are as crunked as the hutiger.
by spud April 16, 2005
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