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A person being idiotic or "cheesy", whose name is Adam.
He's being "Edam"!
by Roy & Ric September 6, 2003
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Edam face is like having a long smiling face with eyes opened. Person is usally confident while doing this face.
-What's with the edam face?
by Csillag February 19, 2016
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Yorkshire folk making their frustrations known
"Eeee, damn! I've lost me keys!"
by Spud December 22, 2004
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Code word language for "Erect and Masty" i.e erection and masturbation. The code word of wax cheese to insinuate the smell and the penis jacket (the condom)
John: "Hey gavin, i like that bird...i'd love to give her a bit of edam but no d"

Gavin: "You dirty boy"
by satanicbean April 14, 2009
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