a devilishly talented actor from Dr. Who.
shit dawg that's some sexy tennant
by I wish I was a unicorn October 7, 2013
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he will steal your heart in 2 seconds but when u be with him he will ask for pics and say 'i love you' to another chick called eva. He will cheat on you with ten girls at a time and when u catfish him he will easily fall for it and cheat more.
When u kiss him he tastes like FISH
Girl 1 : oi i just had the best time of my life last night with this hot ass tennant

Girl 2: no hes mine!
Girl 3: wtf im with him
Girl 4: no bitch hes mine
Girl 6: what hes mine boyfriend
Girl 7: i swear this tennant is cheating on us
Girl 8: idc i love him hes so fucking hot

Girl 9: he is a cunt
Girl 10: he already said he was mine forever and ever
by willie wonkas grind August 18, 2020
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Tennantism is a word coined by fans of the Scottish actor David Tennant on the david-tennant forums meaning the movement of having a reverence of/obsession with David Tennant.
'Have you heard about that Sisterhood of Tennantism? They're nutters.'
'Tennantism drove me to watch Casanova six hundred and seventy times.'
by Yarr Harr May 24, 2007
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David Tennant Scottish actor the has played the 10th doctor, Emmet Carver and DI Hardy. There's no denying your love for him once you've seen him.
David Tennant is so sexy.
Why can't David Tennant come to the US more often?

Allons-y with David Tennant
by DavidTennantAllons-y January 8, 2015
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A creature of the ginger species.

Once a year, on new years eve, he performs a ritual where he slays a pig. He then makes bacon from that mangled carcass.
H: Did you see that ben tennant slay a pig last night?
S: Who didn't?
by Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed January 3, 2009
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Big dick energy. masturbates over old pics of Tom Baker. Do not accept an invitation into this mans time machine. Little children beware
Oh dear someone’s been been David tennanted
by Daitennant#1fan August 7, 2019
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Witty and classically trained Scottish actor with extensive skills using accents and voices, worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company, famous for playing highly strung/insane/hilarious characters. Can do just about anything. He recently portrayed Casanova, has just become the 10th Doctor and is about to hit the screens as Barty Crouch Jnr.
Bloody hell that David Tennant's good. I barely recognised him.
by Clare!!!!!!!!!! September 26, 2005
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