27 definitions by Spud

Something unspeakable you perform with your unmentionables.
Professor Hill caught Jennings having a quick firkin in the lavotories and nearly ended himself on the spot.
by spud July 22, 2003
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Re-Todd YOUR NEXT!! You lil bitch
Retiggity YOUR NEXT!!
by SPUD September 23, 2003
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Yorkshire folk making their frustrations known
"Eeee, damn! I've lost me keys!"
by Spud December 22, 2004
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ehm-pie'-re-see n. actions which resemble those of an empirate.
With the suspension of elections in 2004, the administration was free to gitmo the country with its empiracy.
by sPud October 13, 2004
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Someone elses scanties you wear on your head when very very drunk.
Simon spend half an hour dancing to Marillion with his dads p0nts on his head.
by spud July 22, 2003
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tis a great word first spoken by mario
"its aload of bullllllshit"
by spud February 15, 2004
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A hideout that saves you money and if you get an electric shower thrown in your laughing.

Bedsits are luck of the draw as you dont know who your gonna get in the next room but generally its like being a student.
"ooh your so much more normal than the last tennant, he lived on a diet of special brew and fish fingers and only washed in a leap year"
by spud February 25, 2005
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