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To strike or more specifically kick, taken from the film 'a knight's tale' where it is used by the character Watt (played by alan Tudyk)
I will fong you until your outsides are in, your insides are out, your entrails will become your extrails. Pain! lots of pain! (Watt to Chaucer)
by tau June 20, 2006
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N. To kick the crap out of.

Taken from the movie, "A Knight's Tale", where they seem to use that word a lot. Especially Watt. And Chaucer.
"I'll fong you in the arse!"
by FlyFlySoul May 20, 2009
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Verb. To beat mercilessly.

Noun. A game in which coke bottles filled with sand and duct taped beyond belief are used to fong people.
I wrecked my car, my dad is gonna fong me when he finds out...
by Brandon March 11, 2004
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To hit in the head any amount of times with a wadded up paper ball covered with duct tape.

Different forms: fong (the act of fonging), fonged (the act of fonging in the past), Fongler (one who fongs), Fongling Ball (the wadded up paper ball covered with duct tape that is used in the act of fonging), fongled (the term used by a person to describe the instance in which he or she was fonged), The Fongled (those who have been fonged.

Origins: Variation of the "Fong" in a Knight's Tale.
I will fong you!

Different forms: I will fong you! I fonged him yesterday! You are such a Fongler! I found the Fongling Ball! I have been fongled! They are of the Fongled.
by Nerd Girl March 17, 2008
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someone who is always there for you whenever you need them. Without a fongie-wongie life couldnt be any crazier
a fong wong
by Jnow April 20, 2003
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1.n The sound made when removing a penis from a bodily orifice.
2.v.The act of creating the sound
Man i sure could go for a fong right now.
I wanna fong that bitch like i fonged dannys mom.
by johnson/jackson July 22, 2008
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A person full of useless information that you adds nothing to the conversation, except way too much time, to your story. This person likely spends way too much time on Google and may even be caught reading the dictionary. A good use of this person is to distract bothersome tag-alongs when you go to the bar.
person 1: i love sushi.
Fong: Did you know that sushi originated and Japan and that the Koreans are the second best handlers of fish in the world?
by NavyQueen February 17, 2010
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