A hideout that saves you money and if you get an electric shower thrown in your laughing.

Bedsits are luck of the draw as you dont know who your gonna get in the next room but generally its like being a student.
"ooh your so much more normal than the last tennant, he lived on a diet of special brew and fish fingers and only washed in a leap year"
by spud February 25, 2005
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bedsit bob is a typical landlord. renting rooms to unemployed people who then takes all their money for things that don't exist,like central heating and hot water and electricity. he will also have keys to your room enabling him to help himself to your belongings.
1st homeless guy:"shall we rent a room from bedsit bob?" 2nd homeless guy:"i'd rather get a job" 1st homeless guy:"i'd rather die"
by harray shipmonay March 12, 2008
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