5 definitions by Splunky

The mess left on your face after you’ve gone down on your lady during her period.
“Sarah loves it when I start licking hoofage but I forgot she was on an now I’m covered in lady trifle!”
by Splunky September 24, 2022
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Jenna Bean Bob. A real yin/yan. Often a Sweet soul young woman who will watch popeye with you at 4am, but with a dark and dangerous side. Jenna Bean Bobs are fiercely intelligence which they have been known to use for cunning escapades and naughtiness.

Renowned for leaving things in hotel rooms, including body parts.

Likes to get down and dirty with manual labourers like wood carvers. Jenna bean Bobs don’t mind getting sawdust where the sun fails to glow and will give you a night to cherish.
“Omg look at you flirting with those wood carvers! You’re being such a Jenna-Bean-Bob!”
by Splunky January 7, 2023
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The act of saying something is incorrectly spelled when it clearly is correct especially in the dark arts of pyrography
Sarah Jane, you’ve spelt Queef with only 1 E”
“Have I? Curse you…I’ve just been flotsamned”
by Splunky November 22, 2022
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The special sauce the appears when someone with a sausage nose sneezes
Oh no, Sarah Jane just slunked all over that picture of the old man from Up.
by Splunky March 11, 2022
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The act of being fingerblasted in the Alps or other mountain range with a chocolate lubricant
Mandy loved going on holiday in France just so she could get a good tobleroning from a Frenchman
by Splunky March 19, 2023
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