46 definition by Spike

A little known but very important body part.
Oh my God! My fucking blort is inflamed again.
by spike November 10, 2003

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verb, -lers, -lered, -lering

1. To encourage the development of an exciting plan that involves multiple people, and then just as everyone is on board, immediately change your mind about participating.

2. To propose an awesome plan as above, let people discuss it and get stoked, then reveal that you can't participate.

It is not enough that you change your mind later. It must be right away - usually in the very discussion where the idea was first brought up.
What? No - it was your idea. Come on, man, don't tyler on me.

Weren't you guys all getting a house together? Yeah, but Erin tylered.

He fucking tylers on me all the time!
by SPiKe April 13, 2011

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Retards Attempting Poetry
"I listen to rap"
by Spike October 02, 2006

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An unwanted intrusion by a person, object, sound or ideology into ones life that leaves one feeling without value or protection.
"The pornographic images piped into Peter's brain by evil Doctor X. left Peter feeling violated." - Civil rights violation, human rights violation, medical practise code of conduct violation.
by Spike May 03, 2003

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The BIG Spit
Bill got sooooo drunk last night he did the Big Spit on Mary's pussy.

by spike November 09, 2003

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that sexy bitch everyone wants to fuck.
"You're not getting Riffin."
by Spike October 03, 2003

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some newb clan.
You suck so much, you gotta be 3g material.
by spike October 23, 2003

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