8 definitions by SpasticSarcastic

I haven't had sex in forever. I might need to go beat bama.
by SpasticSarcastic November 10, 2019
When you post a meme or a comment and know trolls won't be able to resist the urge to respond
I posted some troll food last night knowing my sister was going to respond. She just couldn't resist the urge not to.
by SpasticSarcastic November 9, 2019
A gullible person that would rather choke on Trump's cock than realize that he is a terrible President.
That Missleblower actually thinks Trump is the best president ever and wont be impeached
by SpasticSarcastic November 5, 2019
When your in relationship because of your situation
He and his girlfriend are in a situationship. He's only with her because he needs a place to stay
by SpasticSarcastic November 9, 2019
When someone from the burbs goes to the ghetto and acts hard and like they know what it's like to live there but the other people know that this person is a fake
This M&M went to the ghetto last night acting all hard and shit and got his ass kicked
by SpasticSarcastic November 9, 2019
When gulible people just believe the bullshit that other people tell them.
Man I just sat there and watched my friend eat the poo poo his gf was feeding him. Everyone knows she's cheating on him.
by SpasticSarcastic November 9, 2019
Someone that refuses to wear a mask and denies that Covid is dangerous or even that it is different from the flu.
Im not going out in public without my mask. To many Covidiots out there.
by SpasticSarcastic June 27, 2020