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A derogatory term for a child conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Get over here, you little Covid.
by Stradigos March 21, 2020
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A unit of measurement equal to six feet. Similar in concept to a cubit.
Derived from the request to remain six feet apart during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Useful for making observations like, "he's at least one covid tall" , "my ceiling is a covid and a half high", or "we buried him one covid deep."
by Pandæmonium April 03, 2020
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Some mass serial killer who has no respect for people, provokes Karens to buy all the freaking toilet paper in the stores.
Oh, hey its COVID, lets go arrest him.
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by Yeah it’s me the idiot March 29, 2020
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Covids, also commonly said as "The Covids," is plural for people that are perceived as possibly having Covid-19 or similar virus. People sneezing, coughing, have elevated temperature, or are showing signs of any generic sickness whatsoever, can be seen as being One of the Covids. Anyone talking about being sick could be one of the Covids, and any symptom could also be a sign of having Covid, such as having diarrhea, indigestion, unfavorable opinions about the government, coughing, being generally unpleasant, or vomiting could also classify You as a Covid. Internet trolling could also be a symptom of Covid-19, and really could be anything. So, just shout "He's one of the Covids!" or "Covids! Run!" whenever someone is anything less than perfect health so you can survive the Covid-19 pandemic.
Man: "Honey, Look! That guy 20 feet in front of us is sneezing and coughing! And he doesn't have a mask!"
Woman: "He's one of the Covids! We got to get out of here!"
Man pushes Woman down to escape and she gets coughed on, gets Covid-19, and dies 4 days later.

Man 1: *Sneezes in an elevator*
Man 2: "He's a Covid! Run for your lives!"
Man 2 and Man 3 beat Man 1 to death and run out of the building. No charges are placed on Man 2 or Man 3 because the coughing man was found to have Covid-19 in a public facility.

Reporter 1: "Is it a Virus?"
Interviewed: "We don't know."
Reporter 2: "How does it spread; is it airborne?"
Interviewed: "Well, that is a possibility. We don't know."
Reporter 1: "Is this an international health hazard, or a military concern?"
Interviewed: "Both."
Reporter 2: "Are these Covids alive or dead?"
Interviewed: "We don't know."

Reporter 1 coughs and sweats lightly, and is summarily beaten and killed. Later, being found to have Covid-19 after testing positive was classified as a toxic health hazard and was cremated with all belongings.
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by MCPKG May 25, 2020
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Certificate of Vaccinationn IDentification
Please Ensure you have you're COVID pass before bording this flight
by imanbanks December 08, 2020
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