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a person who will have sex with anyone just for the sake of it (not me honest)
oi u cheap slut (fancy a shag?)
by spanky August 25, 2003

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bein really tired or having no money
wiped out on funds.

my units are all wiped out.

im goin back to my nest to wipeout
by spanky May 25, 2003

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a higher level of fantastic, on par with craptastic, cept it's good.
when something is supremely funky, it may be deemed funktastic
that guy playing the sax is just funktastic. that guy playing the washtub bass, however, is craptastic.
by spanky July 15, 2003

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something used to teach math.
protractor, pencil, compass....

all these are weapons of math instruction
by spanky February 05, 2004

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The best baseball program in Corpus Christi, TX!
Moody baseball 2004 state champs!
by spanky June 14, 2004

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A barbarian mercenary general in ancient China who historically accomplished next to nothing. In the Sanguoyanyi, he killed a dying, retreating general (Gan Ning) with an arrow to the back of the head, only to be killed by Zhou Tai in a duel while retreating himself.
Dear God, someone put a stop to all the Shamoke topics!
by Spanky April 08, 2005

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a man who is a wimp and will not give money to his baby mama.
this dude humped some chick, then boned the hell outta there... now she gots a kid and he ain't givin her nuttin. he's a deadbeat MF dad
by spanky July 10, 2003

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