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When a girl is blowing a guy with a big cock, and the guy pulls away and swings his prized manhood back and forth while whipping his chick across her head with his big erect a caveman does to his woman when he hits her across her head with his big club.
I was cavemanning last night, and my chick saw stars all night long. Lucky she had no black and blue bruises on her forehead or I would be arrested for domestic violence, shit.
by king_muscat April 15, 2010
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the way you walk when you are so fucked up that you can't even stand up straight, when there is no more liquor left but you're too fired up to pass out. often results in embarking on a journey to find hoes or burn shit
"Dave, you're not gonna get laid if you keep cavemanning. Stand the fuck up."

"I was so fucked up last night that I was cavemanning around Chiles Base looking for hoes."

Rob: Brendan, why is there a huge hole in the quote board?
Brendan: Dave took my lighter and went cavemanning
by shpawk December 05, 2009
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The act of either dragging or carrying your partner to bed for sex
Dude 1: Hey did you get the chick at the party?

Dude 2: Yeah, i took her back to my place and did some Cave Manning.

Dude 1: Sweet
by brodei November 10, 2009
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Talking like a caveman, either because you are in too big of a rush to use articles and conjuctions, or because you're too cool for proper grammar. Either way, it sounds awesome.
"Why no call me?"

"Dropped phone in tub, phone explode, go boom."

"...Cavemanning cool."
by Deliriumishlirium March 21, 2012
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Telling someone that you're going to treat them like a cave man would treat his woman that he wants to bang.

How a caveman treats his woman he wants to bed: bop her on the head, drag her by the hair, throw her over his shoulder in taking her back to his den, where he will manhandle her and have his way with her.
Him: "I'm was planning on cavemanning you later, if you're lucky..."
Her: "what does that mean?"
Him: "Y'know... I'm going to bop you on the head, drag you by the hair, throw you over my shoulder, take you back to my den, where I can manhandle you and have my way with you."

Her: "I'd be lying if I didn't said I wasn't curious..."
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by jack6burton May 30, 2018
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