5 definitions by SomethingThatIsNotInUse

Dermatologic suicide performed to temporarily improve one's appearance.
Let's go tanning. We'll get wrinkles by 25 and melanoma by 40, but we're sure gonna look fresh in our wifebeaters this weekend.
by SomethingThatIsNotInUse January 14, 2012
A strong sexual attraction to men or women who genuinely enjoy a dorky hobby in their freetime i.e. Anime, Star Trek/Wars, Computers, Final Fantasy, Magic: The Gathering, WoW, Chess, Good bands nobody has heard of, etc. This hobby somehow adds a dimension to their personality which makes them more complicated than the majority, which in turn makes them irresistable.
At first I thought Derek was sort of cute but a little bland. But after we watched anime together and he showed me his Magic card deck I wanted him inside of me immediately. I have a dork fetish.
by SomethingThatIsNotInUse January 3, 2011
A threesome consisting of one male and two postpartum females
Chad had intercourse with both of our mothers last night during the momage.
by SomethingThatIsNotInUse June 9, 2021
A threesome in which at least two members are postpartum females.
Chad banged both our moms last night at the momage.
by SomethingThatIsNotInUse June 9, 2021
To give one's self a fleet enema, then proceed to twerk while excreting a loose, fluid bowel movement.
The stripper is willing to fleetwerk to Miley Cyrus music for cash.
by SomethingThatIsNotInUse September 12, 2013