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Grinding your vulva against some other part of your partner's body. It may be a leg, arm, stomach or anywhere else.

It may be done with or clothes on or off, and the indirect stimulation may be especially appreciated by those with a sensitive clitoris.

It may also be called 'frottage', 'dry humping' or 'dry fucking' (even though it isn't necessarily dry!).
Jen straddled her partner's stomach and rubbed her vulva against it to gain pleasurable feelings.
by Smurf March 22, 2005

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Former Soviet republic. Kicks ass for such a small country. Great hockey team.
Belarus rocks! Lithuania does not.
by Smurf October 05, 2004

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1. Another word for Crystal Methamphetamine.

2. Common objects associated with crystal methamphetamine. These objects can be signs that junkies are present or were there recently (maybe crashed on the floor/couch). These things include really crappy drawings of graffiti on scrap paper, uncleaned dog poo/drinks/food on the carpet, broken light bulbs/missing light bulbs (can be improvised to smoke meth), crafty arts that require short attention spans (for females), left-over traces of meth on the coffee table, and other various tweaker paraphernalia.
1. Yo man you got some of that twack?(twacktonite)

2. Man i got home last night and my room mate had twack all over the living room!
by Smurf October 04, 2006

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slang for Asenlix, diet pill form Mexico used by athletes as stimulant or to fight fatigue. Swallowed, snorted, or mixed w/ coffee.
Yo, Bart, bust me out a greenie before game time so I can get right...
by smurf February 06, 2004

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n. A general term for an elderly person or senior citizen. Derived from the word "Geriatrics" (A type of medicine prescribed to the elderly)
Man... for a geriatric... Brett Farve sure can throw that pigskin.
by Smurf September 29, 2008

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1.) A local chain of excellent chili restaurants in the Greater Cincinnati Area.
2.) Japanese import car that many people are crazy for.
3.) The view of a city, defining the appearence of its downtown or other sections, and usually refers to its high-rise buildings.
Skyline Chili is great.
Oh look its a Skyline! I must have one!
The skylines of Evansville, Indiana and Des Moines, Iowa are quite impressive when you consider their sizes.
by Smurf December 09, 2004

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Chimera's are three-headed monstrosities combining the best and worst elements of lions, dragons, and goats. all three heads preform powerful attacks (the lion and dragon bite while the goat head butts), and the chimera can strike with its claws as well. the dragon head can breathe a column of flame.
the chimera is often found in mythology and fantasy.
by Smurf August 17, 2004

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