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orogs are another half-breed race, a mixture of Orc and Ogre. they are the size of an ogre, with the bestial, pig-like appearance of orcs.
they are large beasts
by smurf August 18, 2004
This warrior has been specially trained by his sect to excel in hunting and attacking spell casters of all kinds. While somewhat underpowered in our opinions, they prove useful in certain situations.
Strong warriors, not comparatively.
by smurf August 24, 2004
Very deadly devil like creature.
a cornugon is a devil like fiend.
by smurf August 18, 2004
remorhazes are polar creatures capable of living in frigid enviornments. they generate tremendous amounts of heat, allowing them to burrow through ice and snow quickly and making them deadly opponents for anyone without fire.
by smurf August 18, 2004
Grinding your vulva against some other part of your partner's body. It may be a leg, arm, stomach or anywhere else.

It may be done with or clothes on or off, and the indirect stimulation may be especially appreciated by those with a sensitive clitoris.

It may also be called 'frottage', 'dry humping' or 'dry fucking' (even though it isn't necessarily dry!).
Jen straddled her partner's stomach and rubbed her vulva against it to gain pleasurable feelings.
by smurf March 23, 2005
neo-orogs are large powerful orogs.
they are like giany orcs
by smurf August 18, 2004
atarus's challenge could only have come from an evil bastard like him.
by smurf March 4, 2004