17 definitions by Smooax

The nervous angst felt prior to sitting a SAC.
Exasperation is further heightened by the knowledge that by the time it is scored, ranked, reviewed and bell curved it may have a negligible impact on your final ATAR score.
Holly’s sacangst was undeniable as I drove her to school to sit another SAC.
by Smooax August 31, 2020
Numerous people weeing and pooing (wooing) in the the same toilet without flushing in between.
Related to a weestack. However a poostack isn’t a thing as no one poos without weeing!
Not wanting to flush and wake up Mum and Dad, Leah and I did a woostack.
by Smooax August 29, 2020
Forever chasing the high you got from your first trip to Mona
An air of melancholy surrounded Mette as she lay in the park on a pubie blanket. She wasn’t quite ready to acknowledge to Max that she might forever be chasing the Mona
by Smooax September 3, 2020
A predominantly beige coloured blanket found in the wardrobe of most hotel rooms. The dominant characteristics of a pubie blanket is that it is infrequently or never washed, is embedded with a numerous pubic hairs (hence it’s name) and adorned with a variety of stains (often crusty).
Mette lay on the pubie blanket she had coveted from her hotel room. Her ever curious mind racing to analyze and identify the most likely source of each of the blanket’s stains.
by Smooax August 31, 2020
The ability to effectively engage your core muscles when drunk so as to avoid injury.
After a few too many fat lambs, Madi used her pisslates skills to avoid a nasty fall as she descended the stairs at her formal.
by Smooax September 1, 2020
Multiple people taking a piss in a toilet without flushing.
Someone should really flush this toilet that weestack stinks so bad!
by Smooax August 29, 2020
Toot the turd is a popular Australian car game played by tooting the car horn and waving when you spot a self conscious dog owner picking up a steaming dog turd. This unwanted attention will heighten the poo bagers embarrassment and may even result in them offering you an expressive hand gesture in response.
Max loved playing toot the turd, however the game didn’t seem quite so amusing once she had her own dog.
by Smooax September 5, 2020